Tampines Petrol Station Siao Lang Lights Stream of Fire Next to Petrol Pump to Tekan Pump Attendant


If you’re buay song with the customer service you’ve received, we’re pretty sure there’s better ways to resolve the issue then light a damn flame and threaten to cause a huge explosion.

On Wednesday (28 Feb), at about 2am, one siao lang pulled such stunt at a SPC petrol station along Tampines Avenue 4.

The siao lang stopped at the station, and demanded that the petrol pump attendant fill 95-grade petrol for him to the exact amount of S$33.33.

Not a cent more or less.

Said the petrol pump attendant, who wants to remain anonymous:

“I asked him if he’s sure that that’s what he wanted. He suddenly lost his temper and used vulgar words on me, then used a bucket near the pump to hit me in the back.”

The petrol pump attendant said he moved away to avoid further dispute, but the driver chased after him so he rushed into the convenience store of the petrol station.

“I asked the convenience store staff for help. The man was outside and scolding me. He then took out a propane can, light a flame on his lighter, aimed the can at the flame and sprayed.”

The siao lang has been arrested and charged in court.

Court documents revealed that he was arrested and charged with 2 counts of robbery in March last year and was out on bail at the time of the petrol station “burn baby burn” incident.



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