Tampines Resident Accused of Setting Fire to Own Flat Unit to Frame Ah Long


A Tampines resident is believed to have set fire to the flat unit she is staying in, as a means to frame the Ah Long she owes money to, or to scare him off.

Two days ago (15 May), the main door of a flat unit at Block 869B Tampines Avenue 8 was set ablaze.

The fire charred the wooden door of the flat unit and even appeared to have destroyed the 2 CCTV cameras placed outside the unit.

It was a neighbour who helped put out the fire and call the police.

She said:

“I smelt a gas smell, opened my door and saw the gate on fire.”

Later the same day, police arrested a 32-year-old woman who’s believed to be living in the flat unit, on the charge of mischief by fire.

That has led residents to believe that the woman had set fire the unit to frame the Ah Long or at least deter him from sending runners to collect the debt she owes.

The neighbour said that loanshark harassment activities had been taking place at the flat unit since January this year.

Last month, a wooden shoe cabinet placed outside the unit was set on fire and pork was thrown at the main door of the home.


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