Tampines Suicide Shocker: Rubbish Truck Drives Off with Dead Man on its Roof!

A rude shock for rubbish collectors this morning at Tampines St 42.

At around 10.40am, a rubbish truck was collecting garbage from the trash collection point at Block 450F, when a man who committed suicide by jumping from the block landed on the roof of the truck.

But it none of the rubbish collectors noticed.

One Block 450F resident, Mr Goh, did.

“I heard a loud sound, looked out the window, and saw a man lying on top of the rubbish truck. I think the man jumped off the block, his head was bleeding. Then I quickly went downstairs to take a look.”

Mr Goh stays on the 10th floor of Block 450F.

To his horror, by the time he reached the void deck, the rubbish truck had driven off.

He managed to catch up with the truck, which was on its way to the trash collection point at Block 450G, and shouted at the rubbish collectors that there was a dead man on the roof of their truck.

Hearing this, the truck driver stopped the truck in the middle of the road.

When Mr Goh related the incident to the driver, he was startled and said “None of my business!”, then left the truck in the middle of the road.

Traffic began to pile up, and angry drivers horned and scolded the truck driver until police arrived on scene to take control of the situation and clear the road.

Police were seen questioning the rubbish collectors near Block 450F.

The incident is being investigated.



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