Taps Spew Discoloured Water despite PUB’s “Robust Sampling and Monitoring Programme” Promise


Taps spewed discoloured water in residences in Serangoon Road, Beng Wan Road and Bendemeer road yesterday (3 Apr).

The Public Utilities Board reported that this incidence started from noon and was cleared up this morning, after PUB officers flushed the water mains.

In Bendemeer, residents were seen queueing up to collect water from 5 water wagons as late as 10.37pm on Tuesday.

The PUB says the discoloured water is due to “resuspension of mineral sediments arising from sudden flow changes within a water pipe.”

It added that “such mineral sediments are naturally present in the water and settle down inside the pipe over time.”

The discoloured water has raised concerns about whether Singapore’s tap water is really safe enough to drink straight from the tap.

The PUB claims so, and has actively discouraged Singapore residents from adding filters to their taps.

The organisation also states that it has have put in place a “comprehensive and robust sampling and monitoring programme to verify the water quality, from source to tap, in order to ensure that water supplied is safe for consumption” and that the tap water quality is “well within the drinking water quality guidelines of the World Health Organisation”.

The PUB is investigating the discoloured water incidence.


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