Taxi Abang gets Drenched Stopping to Give Stranded Pregnant Woman an Umbrella

Last Friday morning, A pregnant woman was pushing her 14-month-old infant in pram to a daycare centre along Bukit Timah Road when it suddenly rained heavily.

To escape the rain, the soaking wet lady ducked for cover under a nearby overhead bridge.

Suddenly, a Comfort taxi stopped near where she was standing.

A kind Taxi Abang ran out of his cab, passed her an umbrella, then ran back inside and drove off.

He too got soaking wet in the rain.

That kind Taxi Abang is Mr Abdul Ghani bin Bujang.

The pregnant lady managed to catch a glimpse of his taxi number and hunt him down online so she could thank him for his kindness.

Said Mr Abdul Ghani:

It runs out Taxi Abang received a call booking and was on the way to pick up a passenger when he saw the pregnant woman.

“The rain was so heavy and I was afraid the child will catch a cold so I thought I should help them. She has already thanked me at that time so I didn’t expect her to go on the internet to find me.”

As modest as he is kind, said that:

“It was nothing much, just helping someone in need.”


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