Taxi Driver Drives Recklessly and Scolds Passenger for Cabbing from Changi Airport to Pasir Ris

Mdm Tan works at Changi Airport, and says she has had her fair share of taxi drivers scolding her for cabbing from the airport to her home in Pasir Ris.

The 60-year-old says she has been scolded by many taxi drivers, but this latest incident was just hair-raising.

Over the weekend, Mdm Tan took a cab home at around 9am after her night shift.

Upon informing the cabby of her destination, she said the driver immediately gave her “black face” (not the racist “black face” lah, but the damn unhappy “black face”).

He reportedly told her, “Wait so long already, meet you damn suay. Nothing to earn already lah.”

Mdm Tan said that on the journey home the driver was speeding, switching lanes every now and then, and tailgating other cars.

She said that throughout the ride, he kept saying that he was “suay” and scolding her.

Afraid of the driver, she told him to drop her by the roadside instead of the carpark near her home.

ComfortDelgro says it has been made aware of the driver’s conduct and is investigating the incident.


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