Road Rage! Cabby Points Middle Finger, Throws Things at Car and Tries to Run Down Biker in KPE Tunnel

When cabbies say they’re gonna go Grand Theft Auto on your ass, you better take that warning seriously.

One supposedly drunk cabby did just that in the KPE tunnel, swearing, throwing cans, swerving in and out of lanes, and trying to run down a motorcyclist and crash his taxi into other cars.

Police are investigating the incident that happened on Sunday evening (1 Feb).

One motorist who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time took several videos of the incident, and reported it to the police.

You can watch the videos here.

Here’s the motorist’s account of the hellish evening drive:

“I would like to report a road bully incident happened today on 1/2/2015 in the KPE tunnel. Traffic was slightly heavy. I was travelling on the first lane of the expressway.

“I saw the said vehicle SMRT taxi SHB40D Ssangyong Gold Taxi entering the KPE expressway from the left at high speed, cutting all the way from the last lane to the first lane without signalling at 17:39:59 pm.

“He then start to tailgate me dangerously as if trying to bang into me, veering left and right dangerously.

“At about 17:41:10pm, he swerved left into the path of a motorcycle travelling on the second lane, almost hitting him dangerously as shown in the rear cam video 2.

“I was shocked and I feared for any danger for the motorbike and myself. I cut into the second lane to give way to him. Luckily for the motorbike, it was a near miss.

“He then cut behind me into the same lane and continued to tailgate me. Then he cut into the first lane dangerously and travelled at the same pace alongside me, and flipped me the third finger.

“At 17:42:01pm, he tried to cause a side collision by squeezing in between the car in front of me, swerving in and out .

“I was alarmed and distressed by this action. I turned on my high beam at him to warn him of the danger he has inflicted towards me and other road users.

“He then purposely slowed down on the first lane and cut to the second lane, coming to a halt at 17:42:47pm, causing a black Toyota to stop behind him, taunting me to overtake him .

“At 17:43:19pm, he then cut into the first lane and swerved into my lane in a snake manner, almost hitting my car. I swerved to the first lane to avoid him, and almost caused a silver car to hit my back as seen in the rear video provided.

“He then took out a can and threw it at my car as shown in rear videos 4 and video 5. I sped up to avoid him and any confrontation as I feared for my safety, but he sped up and continued to follow me.

“At 17:43:45pm, you can hear the ‘thud’ sound of him throwing the can.

“At 17:43:51pm, he sped up again, swerving left and right dangerously. Then he slowed down beside me and wound down his window. I wound down my window to ask him why he was driving in this manner.

“He retorted with threatening words and vulgarities, and asked me to get out of the car to fight him. I could see from his red face that he looked intoxicated and drunk.

“At 17:45:06pm I called the police. He continued to throw things at my car as heard in the thuds from videos 6 and 7 respectively. When I ignored him, he continued to drive alongside me and blared his horn continuously, swerving left and right.

“At 17:46.29pm, he came to a complete halt and stopped in the middle of the expressway.

“At 17:47:06pm, he drove up again and started to throw things at my car again while having his high beam on.

“When I ignored him, at 17:48:05pm, he cut to the exit to ECP and then suddenly swerved back dangerously again into the KPE, passing the Chevron and almost hitting the divider.

“He kept signalling me to stop the car. I feared for my safety and I made the third call to the police. I ignored him until he exited out to the Marina Bay exit on MCE.

“I am totally disgusted with his actions, dangerous driving and road bullying ethics . He almost caused an accident several times and to other motorists. He installed fear in me, causing me distress and intending harm towards me.He has totally no regard for safety.

“He also violated traffic rules and regulations. His road and driving manners and ethics should be dealt with severely. Please look into the videos using a driving DV recorder provided at the time and take the appropriate action against this dangerous driver.”

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