What Would Taxi Drivers do with Your Phone Number? How About Sexually Harass You?

This woman received a text from an unknown number on 4 Nov, which turned out to be from a cab driver from a taxi company she made bookings with.

She recounted: “From the text, it was very obvious that it is some guy just trying to be cheeky.

“Googled his number up and found out it belongs to a cab driver.”

She then lodged a complaint with the company and sent them screenshots of the conversation. They called back the next day, saying they have spoken to the said driver.

“This is their explanation. It is the driver’s girlfriend who texted me. He claimed that she texted another female friend that she had a dispute with.

“They even went on to ask me if I had any dispute with any one recently.

“I told them I don’t have any dispute with any female friends. And that the texts definitely doesn’t seem like a woman texting another woman.

“They couldn’t give me a satisfactory answer and just told me if i received more texts from this number, I should make a police report.

“The driver was let off with just a warning.

“I do make cab bookings often with the company and I think this is how this guy got my number.”

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