Taxi Uncle Kena Hantam by Two Ang Mohs Outside Orchard Towers for “Blocking the Way”


Saturday night just wasn’t this taxi uncle’s night.

He had just sent a passenger from Clarke Quay to Orchard Towers and was waiting for the passenger to pay using NETS when he was set upon by 2 ang mohs.

The taxi uncle, Mr Lin, says he stopped his taxi in front of the taxi stand at Orchard Towers.

He said that at the time there was a group of ang mohs standing there, and it appeared that one of them (the red shirt fella) was buay song because he was “blocking the way”.

Taxi Uncle Lin said even though he stopped in front of the taxi stand, there was enough space for taxis to move in and out of it.

Just as the passenger was paying, the Red Shirt ang moh approached the taxi and knocked on it violently.

He then pulled open the door to the passenger seat, snatched the passenger’s NETS card and flung it out of the taxi.

The scared passenger quickly made a run for it.

That’s when Taxi Uncle Lin confronted the Red Shirt Ang Moh and demanded to know what he wanted.

And that’s when Red Shirt Ang Mo attacked him, raining blows his way.

A scuffle ensued between the 2 men, when suddenly Red Shirt Ang Moh unexpectedly headed to the taxi and got into the driver’s seat.

Taxi Uncle Lin tried to pull him out, and while that was happening, another Grey Shirt Ang Moh came up from behind Taxi Uncle Lin and attacked him.


The 2 ang mohs then got aggressive with the taxi uncle.

Fortunately, another taxi uncle who witnessed the scuffle stepped in to break things up.

Taxi Uncle Lin said he woke up the next day feeling pain all over his body.

He went to see a doctor and got 6 days of medical leave for injuries to his right ear and throat.

A 48-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the incident.

But what has added insult to injury for Taxi Uncle Lin is – even while he was on MC, he still had to pay the daily S$144 rental to SMRT.

Wah piang eh!




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