Taxpayers’ Money Wasted Because For Years Authorities Can’t Curb Rampant Vandalism

There’s vandalism at work in Pasir Ris, and one resident feels that the public service must do more to clamp down on errant persons and organisations that propagate such loutish behaviour.

Phillip Ang says that for years now, the traffic lights in the area have been vandalised with people pasting stickers on them advertising services.

Scraps of paper and glue stains remain on these traffic lights even after the stickers are removed.

Ang has written to the Land Transport Authority regarding the issue, and the LTA says it has “taken enforcement action against the advertisers and will arrange to remove the advertisements.”

But that reply hasn’t assuaged Ang’s concerns.

He says that the problem has never been effectively dealt with, despite his years of writing in to the authorities in the civil service complaining about the problem.

The Pasir Ris resident is hoping that authorities will find a more effective way to deal with vandals, but he questions if they are even capable of doing that.

“Is it productive for the civil service to continue playing a cat and mouse game with vandals? When is the civil service going to get serious?  Why waste tax dollars by repeatedly removing the adverts forever? Is this such a complex issue which the police is unable to control?”


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. vgybhunkmo,l

    January 30, 2016 at 10:45 am

    The authorities should educate and encourage people to advertise their services on the internet instead, which could even be free and able to attract even more audience.

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