Technician Falls Off 5th Floor while Fixing Air-Con Unit but Miraculously Survives

“At the time I only needed to stretch my hand out the window to check the air con so I didn’t wear any safety harness. But then I slipped and fell out the window!”

So says 36-year-old technician Mr Chai, who was checking on the air-con condenser units at an office building in Kallang Basin Industrial Estate on Monday evening (24 Apr) when he took his inglorious tumble.

With him at the time were 3 colleagues who were totally stunned like vegetable that they couldn’t react.

Said Mr Chai, a Malaysia native:

“In a few seconds, I fell straight down from the 5th floor. My mind blanked out. In my heart I thought this time finish already…”

But luckily (the strike 4D kind of luck), Mr Chai survived.

Another worker in the office, Mr Kwok, heard a loud thud and looked out his window to see Mr Chai wedged in a ledge that was made of zinc and could have given way from his weight at any time.

“I rushed to the window and saw a stuck on the ledge of the 2nd floor. He looked frantic and was waving his hand.”

Mr Kwok shouted at him, telling him not to move in case the ledge collapsed, then called the SCDF.

A DART team was sent to scene and Mr Chai was rescued within an hour with no serious injuries.

He was sent to hospital where doctors gave him stitches to the head.

Unfortunately for Mr Chai, while he said that he had reached out the window to check the air con condenser unit, other reports say was sitting on the unit when he fell.

The Manpower Ministry is investigating the incident.


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