Teens Setting Off “Paper Bombs” Spark Fears of Terrorist Attack in Serangoon

Serangoon Central residents were enjoying a somewhat peaceful Friday night last week when they were stunned like vegetable by two loud blasts in the span of minutes.

Fearing a terrorist attack, several of them called the police.

A resident of Block 413, Ms Su, said she heard the first blast at about 10.45pm.

She went outside of her flat to take a look and saw that two teenagers at the rubbish chute area on the ground floor.

One of them put something that looked like a paper box in front of the rubbish chute area.

Then, both teenagers ran off.

Next, the paper box exploded, sending a loud blast around the estate.

That’s when a flurry of residents took a peek outside and got anxious.

Police officers who arrived at scene cordoned off the rubbish chute area and the open-air carpark next to it while SCDF officers checked on the remnants of the paper box.

The case has been classified as one of intentional alarm and is being investigated.



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