That KNNBCCB Moment: Car Company Towkay’s 10 Cars worth S$300,000 Vanish Overnight!


It was a shocker worthy of a super loud ‘KNNBCCB”.

At 11am on Tuesday (16 May), car company towkay Ms Kwok went to office located at WCEGA Plaza and discovered that 10 of her cars had gone missing.

Frightened and flustered, she called the police.

“The 10 cars were all Japanese cars and worth S$300,000 altogether. The cars were gone but the keys were still here. Some of the cars were supposed to be handed over to customers so I didn’t know what to do.”

The cars had been parked along a small stretch of road in the building premises located behind her office.

Police officers cordoned off the road and sought the assistance of the WCEGA Plaza management.

That’s when the truth of the matter was revealed – building management had towed the cars to the top floor of the building’s multi-storey carpark and clamped them.

The reason for this is there’s was a double yellow line along the road and the cars were flouting traffic rules by parking there.

Building management said it had already informed Ms Kwok last week that parking her cars there was an offence and asked her to move them away last week.

Ms Kwok acknowledged that she had received 2 notices from management asking her to move the cars.

Still, she’s sore at management for giving her a fright by the towing away of her cars out of the blue.


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