The Last White Elephant: Teck Lee LRT Station Remains Shut Despite Government’s Promises


Teck Lee LRT station (PW2) is an LRT station on the Punggol LRT Line.

It has the unfortunate reputation of being the only LRT station today to receive “White Elephant” status – it’s the only LRT station that hasn’t been opened construction being built in 2005.

The area around Teck Lee LRT was slated for development of housing back then, but it seems plan such plans were derailed.

Then, the station which was named under prominent late businessman Lim Teck Lee, was positioned as a transport alternative to those who attended the future Punggol campus of Singapore Institute of Technology.

That institute is now located in the West, and the area around Teck Lee LRT station remains surrounded by essentially jungle land, as you’ll see in this October 2017 video by Maxson Goh.

On 29 December 2016, SBS Transit announced that Teck Lee Station will open in tandem with the developments in the area.

That didn’t materialise.

Then, earlier this year, state media agency The Straits Times announced that the station will be opened on 31 March 2017.

“Residents in Punggol will find it much easier to get to the Marina Country Club, near Punggol Way, when another station on the Punggol light rail transit (LRT) system opens for service next Friday.

The country club will be just a four-minute walk away from Samudera station (PW4).

The new station joins six existing stations on the West Loop of the Punggol LRT system – Sam Kee (PW1), Punggol Point (PW3), Nibong (PW5), Sumang (PW6), Soo Teck (PW7), and the Punggol Town Centre station.

Teck Lee station (PW2) is set to open when its surrounding area is developed. The loop service ends at Punggol Town Centre station – which is connected to the Punggol MRT station.”

Today, Teck Lee LRT station remains closed and is still shrouded by forest.

While some believe that the station is forward planning by the Land Transport Authority for such time that the area is developed, others believe that this is a case of government planning gone wrong.

Said Punggol resident Christopher Ng:

“It’s been 12 years lah, obviously something isn’t going to plan.”

And so the questions remains– what is the future of the area around Teck Lee LRT station following all the promises that have fallen through, and will taxpayers be made to pick up the bill for government planning gone wrong?



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