This is Why Child Sex Predator Joshua Robinson was Spared the Rotan and Handed a “Light” Sentence

The 4-year jail sentence for child penetrator Joshua Robinson is “light” .

Not we say wan ah – that’s what some 30,000 people in Singapore believe is too lenient for the ang moh expat and sex predator.

Many have also called for him to kena whipped on the backsided.

So why then despite the huge public outcry has the Attorney-General’s Chambers decided against appealing the punishment?

Here’s why:

Robinson was charged  with 9 offences, including:
-sexual penetration of minors under 16 years old (two 15-year-old girls),
-making an obscene film (filming himself having sex),
-possession of obscene films (including the largest haul of child porn found on a person here), and
-exhibiting an obscene object to a young person (when he made a 6-year-old girl watch an obscene video)

So why no rotan?

Because none of the offences Robinson was convicted of were punishable by caning.

And how about the “light” 4-year jail term when other pedophiles in Singapore have gotten worse?

The AGC explained that the most serious offence Robinson was charged with, which is sexual penetration of minors, is not the same as statutory rape.

For statutory rape, which is punishable with caning, the victim must be below the age of 14.

Also, the 15-year-old victims had consented to having sex with Robinson so there was no outrage of modesty or rape involved.

The AGC explained that the sentence meted out to Robinson was in line with previous sentences meted out to other offenders like him.

It also took into account that Robinson entered a guilty plea and as such spared the victims the trauma of being cross-examined in a trial.

So yeah, even if the public or gahmen wanted to wallop this ang moh child sex fiend with a 50-year jail term and 100 strokes of the rotan, there’s really nothing much more the AGC can do taking into account the offences and punishments prescribed by law.



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