Toa Payoh Beauty Centre Accused of Pressuring Customer into Signing S$17,000 Package

Ladies beware – amidst a tight economy, beauty centres are trying hard to sell expensive “package deals”, to the point of getting their staff to use pressure tactics on customers.

One woman, 35-year-old civil servant Mdm Tan, has accused a Toa Payoh HDB Hub beauty centre of pressuring her into coughing up S$17,000 for one such package.

Mdm Tan said that she went to the beauty centre last month to get her eyebrows drawn.

Throughout the process, the beautician tending to her kept pressuring her to sign up for a S$17,000 1-year package.

That package would include 3 facials treatments, 6 eyebrow treatments and beauty products worth S$940.

Mdm Tan said she refused at first, but later gave in because she couldn’t take the pressure from the beautician.

She said the beautician even followed her to the ATM to withdraw the S$17,000 to pay for the package.

That incident took place on 7 Aug this year.

Mdm Tan apparently complained about the price of the package to her family, and yesterday, her mother-in-law stomped down to the beauty centre with her and another 5 persons in tow to get a refund.

The whole escapade escalated and police were called in to resolve the dispute.

Mdm Tan later agreed to seek the help of the Small Claims Tribunal to help get her money back.

Ladies Redwire spoke to say that a normal eyebrow treatment service, or facial for that matter, doesn’t cost more than S$100 to S$200 a time, and they feel the price paid by Mdm Tan is exorbitantly high, or “totally overpriced lor”.

Buyers beware.



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