Trans-Cab Slashes Taxi Rental Fees by 30 Percent, Other Taxi Operators Likely to Follow Suit

Looks like some taxi drivers will be having a good 2017.

Trans-Cab, Singapore’s second largest taxi operator, has announced it will slash rental fees by as much as 34 percent.

The move comes as competition heightens with private-hire car services such as Uber and Grab.

From 1 Jan 2017, Trans-Cab’s Toyota Wish taxis will cost S$59.50 per day to rent – a 34 percent drop from the current S$90.

The company will also trim daily rental rates for its Renault Latitude cabs from S$114 to S$88.50 over a 3-year period.

These rates will apply to drivers who rent the taxis alone, and do not engage relief drivers.

Trans-Cab has a fleet of 4500 taxis, and at present 11 percent, or 500 of them are lay idle.

Observing the cartel-like behaviour of taxi operators, others are expected to follow Trans-Cab’s lead and reduce taxi rental rates.



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