TransCom Policemen Point Gun at New Cop, Haze Him at MRT Station and Share Humiliating Video Online


It was the first day on the job for 21-year-old Muhammad Syukri Rahiman.

Little did the full-time police national serviceman expect that he would get hazed by his new colleagues and even have a gun pointed at him in what appears to have been a sick joke pulled by his seniors.

Muhd Syukri was part of a 5-man team of TransCom offices (those cops who patrol our MRT stations), led by another full-time police national serviceman, 21-year-old Special Constable Justin Degoulange-Chua.

At the police room in Bugis MRT station on 5 Mar last year, Muhd Syukri was subject to hazing.

Group leader Degoulange-Chua told him that as part of “team culture”, all newbirds had to do push-ups and jumping jacks, among other things.

He then ordered Muhd Syukri to do push-ups.

Degoulange-Chua then took his T-baton and put it on his back.

The T-baton fell on the floor as soon as Muhd Syukri did one-push-up.

That’s when Degoulange-Chua told him to get up.

All this while, the assistant group leader of the team had been recording the incident instead of putting a stop to it.

He then shard the video online using social media app Snapchat.

When Muhd Syukri was sitting at a table, Degoulange-Chua drew his Taurus revolver and took out the 5 bullets in the chamber, placing 4 on the table and concealing one in his palm.

He then asked Muhd Syukri how many bullets he had placed on the table.

When Muhd Syukri answered that there were 4 bullets, Degoulange-Chua pointed the revolver at him, told him there was one round in the gun, and squeezed the trigger at least one time.

Thinking that the revolver was loaded, Muhd Syukri jumped in fear of his life and shouted for Degoulange-Chua to stop.

The incident only came to light after another police full-time national serviceman who saw the shared video informed his superior.

During investigations, Degoulance-Chua lied that he had never pointed a revolver at anyone and asked approached the other officers who were in the room that night, including Muhd Syukri, asking them to hush-up the incident.

He only confessed to what he did 3 months later.

Degoulange-Chua, now a student, has been sentenced to 2 months jail for using threatening behaviour with intent to cause alarm to Muhd Syukri.



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