Transgender Told to F**K Off by Koi Cafe Counter Girl, Ugly Situation Ensues

It got him, her, shim very angry.

It got him, her, shim very angry.

An argument between a customer and a female employee at KOI Cafe’s Boon Lay MRT outlet turned ugly after the latter allegedly hurled vulgarities and personal insults.

The customer, SSS, then related her experience in a video after the incident, which took place yesterday night (25Oct).
(video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=518216861649037&set=vb.509492892521434&type=2&theater)

In the video, SSS said she had been at the store to get a drink at around 8.45pm, but did not see a sign stating that the cafe would be closed at 9pm due to a blackout that night.

Hence, she assumed that the store would be operating till 10pm as usual.

When SSS tried to clarify this, a girl manning the store’s counter, Rachel, apparently shrugged them off without answering properly.

“She gave us a face as if we were stupid,” said SSS.

SSS then left the store to get a drink elsewhere, but returned afterwards looking for an explanation, as she was not happy with the employee’s attitude earlier.

After a brief exchange about the store’s closing hours and the sign stating so, Rachel allegedly told SSS to ‘F*** off’ in front of the latter’s husband and other customers.

SSS said that when she responded to that remark, Rachel told her to ‘Go away, you ugly bitch.’

Another female employee later came up to SSS and apologised.

The customer emphasized that all she wanted was a proper explanation about the store’s operating hours, and that being so rudely brushed off was uncalled for.

SSS’s video has since gone viral on Facebook with over 1,800 shares and more than 1,000 likes.

KOI Cafe Singapore has also responded to the incident. Thecafe said, “We are very sorry to make our valued customers feel disappointed and we believe we will do better with your kind support!”

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