TTSH Charges Patient S$122.43 “Room Charge” to Sleep Along Corridor

RONALD LEE: Would you make noise about having to pay S$122.43 to sleep along a hospital corridor? I sure as hell would! Granted, they give you a bed, but charging you a “room charge” for it is still damn chao kuan (play dirty) lah, Tan Tock Seng. Lucky there’s a government subsidy to bring down the actual ward fee to S$25. Otherwise, if it were me, my brother’s sister-in-law’s cousin who’s a lawyer would be drafting a letter before my discharge.

But that’s what happened Paul Tan, or someone he happens to know. He uploaded this picture of a hospital bill online, showing the charges for the said C Class Corridor that got me so hopped up. I thought the right and gentlemanly thing to do in such a case would be for hospital staff to apologise and say something along the lines of “Sorry we’re all out of wards now and we’ll have to put you out here for the time being until one can be found. No sir, we’ll charge you for all the necessary except the ward fees.”

But no, not in the case of TTSH. The nurses might be real tough as nails women, but the people at the top sure appear to be one hell of a bunch of nancy boys (aka gu niangs) total devoid of gentlemanly conduct. Public hospital also everything want to find a way to squeeze people dry. On the other hand, the gahmen can now boast to other countries, “See, you might have free healthcare, but we even subsidise the cost of the corridors our patients sleep in leh…”

Sorry you had to suffer insult to injury, Paul.

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