Turf City Car Dealer Accused of Cheating 2nd Hand Car Buyer: 250,000km Mileage advertised as 80,000Km Mileage!

Receiving your car is always a proud day for car-owners, regardless of whether it’s a new car or 2nd hand car.

For 50-year-old service manager Mr Teo, the whole experience turned sour the 2nd day after he received his brand new 2nd hand car.

Mr Teo bought the car, a Nissan Teana from a car dealer at Turf City in May this year.

He thought it was a good buy at S$37,500.

“The advertisement online said the car’s mileage was only 80,000km and it had not been involved in any accident. It also said that no additional repairs were needed. I tested the car and found it okay so I bought it.”

However, 2 days into driving his new 2nd hand Teana, problems came up.

Mr Teo then sent the car to the Nissan service centre.

That’s when he was told by the mechanic that there were many worn out parts in the car and it also had several other problems.

And, the mileage had likely been tampered with.

“The mechanic said that the car had been in an accident before and looks like it had travelled more than the stated 80,000km mileage.”

Angry that he had been misled, Mr Teo checked further and found that the last time the previous owner had sent the Teana to the service centre was in December 2016.

During that servicing trip, the mileage was reported as 254,157km.

He also managed to track down the previous owner who confirmed that the mileage was around 250,000km when he sold it to the car dealer.

Mr Teo went back to the car dealer, but was put down.

“They insisted that the mileage was 80,000km when they bought the car.”

Mr Teo has since lodged police report

The Consumer Association of Singapore says it has received 1477 cases involving defective cars.



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