Two SMRT Trains Ran Over Drunk Man before He was Discovered on the Tracks

A drunk Malaysian man stumbled and fell on the tracks, and he was only discovered after 2 driverless trains ran over him.

This was revealed in coroner’s inquiry today into the death of 43-year-old Malaysian man Ang Boon Tong.

The investigating officer told the court that CCTV footage showed Ang falling off the Fajar LRT Station train platform at 12.40am on 24 March this year.

The train service controller in the operation control room did not spot this.

With 22 monitors in front of her, she was reportedly busy watching other monitors as the stations were about to close for the day.

Ang lost his balance and fell on the tracks near the rear of a train as it pulled away.

Minutes later, he sat up and rolled to his left.

But at 12.48am, a train pulled up at the platform.

The sole passenger, an SMRT staff, heard a sound but did not investigate and continued with his journey.

Another train pulled up 10 minutes later and this time, a second SMRT staff who was a train service controller noticed that its carriage jerked upwards.

He spotted Ang’s body and alerted the operation control centre.

Police notified at around 1am and paramedics pronounced Ang dead at 2.20am.

The court heard that he died of multiple injuries.

Ang leaves behind 3 children aged between 9 and 17 years old.

The coroner will give his findings tomorrow.

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