Uber Clarifies that African “Tourist” PHV Driver is really a Singapore PR of 15 Years

The African Uber driver whose claim to fame came an online video showing him getting badgered about his nationality has been confirmed to be a Singaporean Permanent Resident and not a “tourist”.

This was clarified by Uber in a statement this evening, stating that PHV driver has been a PR here for 15 years and started driving for Uber 7 months ago.

As such, he meets the Land Transport Authority’s regulations, which state that PRs and foreign work pass holders can apply to become private-hire drivers but they must be employees of a company offering chauffeured services.

A video shared online and its accompanying caption led netizens to believe that the African PHV driver had only been in Singapore for 2 days and then started work as an Uber driver.

Netizens angry that the African PHV driver was “stealing Singaporeans lunches” had gone on a witch hunt, to the extent of posting his personal details online.

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