Uber Driver Accused of Reversing Car into MRT Engineer and Punching Him in the Face


An Uber private-hire driver has been accused of reversing his car into an MRT engineer and thereafter attacking him.

26-year-old Li Zijian, who hails from China, said he had booked the Uber ride to go to Redhill so he could buy sports equipment to play badminton with his buddies.

He said that when the Uber driver arrived, the driver completely missed his friends and him who were standing by the roadside, and turned into a small lane instead.

Li said he chased the Uber car and waved to the driver.

He said that to his horror, the car reversed and hit him, and the driver came out of the car and punched him in the face.

The driver then pointed to a dent in the back of his car and accused him of kicking the car and causing the unsightly mark.

Li denied doing any of that and called the police.

The Uber driver reportedly said he had heard a knocking sound on the car and saw the dent when he checked for any damage.

He then hit Li, believing that he had caused the dent.

The driver denied reversing the car into Li.

Police have confirmed the report of such an incident, and have advised both parties to resolve the matter through civil proceedings.



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