Uber Driver Hantams Passenger until Hospitalised over S$6 Cancellation Fee


42-year-old Mr Goh had just bought a new handphone for his wife in Bugis and in his excited state wanted to deliver it to her quickly.

So he booked an Uber ride to take him to Balestie, but was left frustrated when the Uber driver left him waiting.

“My handphone showed that he had arrived, but I waited 20 minutes and no sign of the driver so I cancelled the booking.”

Goh then booked another Uber ride, which came swiftly and brought him to his destination.

But just as he was about to pay the Uber driver the S$8 fare, the driver asked him for an extra S$6.

That S$6 was for the cancellation fee – as fate would have it, the driver was the same one that Goh had cancelled on earlier.

As Goh’s credit card was not linked to his Uber account, the cancellation fee couldn’t be charged to him.

Goh refused to pay and the Uber driver insisted, and that led to a fight between the 2 men.

Goh said that he was hit on the head and collapsed in a dizzy state.

Police and paramedics subsequently arrived on scene.

Goh was sent to hospital to treat his head wounds.

The case is being investigated.



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