UGLY: Singaporeans Push, Shove, Cut Queue Just for Selfies with LKY’s Coffin


Ugly, very ugly, the incidents that took place this morning.

In a sombre moment, when decorum was called for, over-eager pockets amongst the crowds did nothing to dispel the image of the “Ugly Singaporean”.

Pushing commonplace outside the Istana, and Parliament House where the late Lee Kuan Yew’s body was to lie in state for the public to pay tribute.

Shoving, not as prevalent, but still a common enough sight.

All that, just for a picture of the gun carriage carrying Mr Lee’s coffin.

In front of the Istana, hordes rushed to the front, as the coffin left.

Our reporter noted at least 5 minor scuffles that broke out during that short span of time.

They were quelled shortly, probably more to save face, than out of respect for our founding prime minister.

Outside Parliament House, the same happened.

This time, our reporter noted at least 7 minor scuffles that broke out.

Those involved were younger to middle-aged people, who were angry at being shoved aside.

Some even pushed to their way to the front just to take selfies with the gun carriage in the background as it passed.

Our reporter was pushed out of the way trying to take a photo of the gun carriage arriving, by a young couple trying to take such a selfie.

Needless to say, it was a frustrating moment.

Thousands lined the streets to watch the procession, stretching from the Istana, down Bras Basah all the way to North Bridge Road.

Could there have been more instances of such ugly behaviour along the way?

The signs point to “yes”.

Even as crowds line up to enter Parliament House, there were incidents of people cutting the queue, resulting in quarrels.

Granted, it’s a long wait of about 6-8 hours now, but there’s always tomorrow all the way till Saturday.

When showing respect, it is common to stand at attention, or at least, in one spot.

What’s disrespectful – whipping out camera phones to take pictures of what’s essentially a coffin, or taking selfies “with” the coffin as it passes by.

What’s worse than that? Disrupting others who genuinely want to pay their respects with all these childish antics.

Very ugly, indeed.

And very shameful.

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