Uh Oh, is PM Chan Chun Sing Hinting at Something with this Photo He Shared?


Is PM Chan, sorry, PMO Minister Chan Chun Sing hinting at something with this photo that he shared on Facebook?

The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office isn’t known to be the most subtle of persons, especially after his “Mdm President” (said twice) giveaway in parliament when addressed then Speaker (now President) Halimah Yacob.

And he happens to be one of those whose name has been tossed in the hat for Singapore’s next Prime Minister after Ah Loong calls it a day.

Traditionally, the PM stands in the middle of the shot, and the brains stands on his left.

Like that shot you see above of Cabinet 2015, and this shot below of Cabinet 2011.


And when saying “cheese” with the president

And in parliament…


Photography-wise, the most important chap in the shot stands in the middle when a shot is lined up – that’s because that’s the person photographers want you, the viewer, to focus on most.


So, with the ever-not-so-subtle PM Chan, sorry, PMO Minister Chan framed in this way, are we expecting the Lee Dynasty to be replaced with the…

Nevermind, we’re going for a round of beer to wash down that feeling of impending doom.

*We apologise for the slip. The headline should read “PMO Minister” and not “PM” Chan. But such things happen sometimes lah, even in parliament. Pai seh lah.


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