Undergrad Claims SME Fined Him 66cents Every Minute He was Late, Made Him Work Overtime without Extra Pay


An undergrad has slammed an SME that he interned with on online “confessions” page NUSWHispers for not treating him right.

He claimed that he was paid S$800 a month, didn’t receive overtime pay, and even then fined S$0.66 for every minute late to work.

What was possibly more infuriating was that as an undergrad he had to do menial, “unfulfilling crap” such data entry.

Read the full post here:

“I’m currently interning at a SME but all they make me do is filing, data entry and some unimportant stuff. I even have to work OT 3/5 days without getting paid. And yet our company issues penalties for being late.

My intern pay is a mere $800, and last month, I was late for 1 min every day (give and take). And there was a -66c on my payslip! For being late! I asked the HR why in case you were wondering and that was the answer I got. It’s not even funny.

Anyway, I told my boss about the unfulfilling crap I do at work (not the pay thing), and he gave me empty promises every time. I’m sick of this and so, I picked up VBA on my own and programmed something such that my data entry work gets automated. Of course, I shut up about it and I self-learnt programming using the time I saved.

But so suey today, some bitch saw my program and demanded my code and (in a very unfriendly way) ordered me to teach them how to use it. I outright refused, because I wasn’t paid to do it, why should I share it with you? If you guys were nice in the first place, I would have volunteered to give it to you unconditionally. They then demanded that the code is company property because I picked it up at work and coded it at work. I had no choice but to give it to them as it was explicitly said in the contract.

I feel so shitty right now because I can’t do anything about it. But I’m glad this internship is ending soon and I’ve learnt to stop myself from slapping the mean people everyday. I jus murder them in my head. I have nice colleagues too btw. The departments just (ironically) hate the HR bitches.

Finally took this off my chest, I can sleep without the rage burning me from inside. Thanks for reading.”



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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    November 9, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Simple, destroy the code. And leaves the leechers

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