Upper Thomson Road Floods for 2nd Time in 1 Month, Angry Shopholders Say Gahmen “Talk Only, No Action”

Heavy rain today at about 3pm saw flooding (also known locally as “ponding”) along Upper Thomson Road.

The flooding was particularly bad along the stretch of road in front of the renowned Prata House, where construction for the MRT Thomson-East Coast Line is taking place.

An eyewitness says that traffic came to a standstill as, at its peak, floodwaters rose in height to cover almost half the body of a normal sedan car.

Another eyewitness who was having lunch at a nearby kopitiam said:

“At least the car horns worked lah. You could hear drivers honking away, but no idea what for since no one could move anyway.”

Workers from the shops in the area were visibly frustrated and helpless.

Said one of the workers who wishes to remain anonymous:

“Few days ago, the government said its MRT construction company’s fault (Sato Kogyo). But what did it do after that? Nothing. Today we get flooding again. So point finger very quick, but take action very slow.”

Said another shop worker, who expressed concerns about the Chinese New Year period:

“The last time this happened was last month. Today again. Then what about next week Chinese New Year? Close shop better in case flooding again. Gahmen NATO (No Action Talk Only) only lah. One month to fix the problem not enough ah?”

At 4pm, the floodwaters were slowly receding.

This is the second time in 4 weeks that this stretch of road has experienced flooding.

The last flooding incident took place on Christmas Eve, and caused losses to at least 8 shops there.

One bak chor mee stall in the vicinity even reported an estimated S$30,000 in losses.

Sato Kogyo, which is helming the MRT line construction project in the area, has been blamed for the flooding.

The PUB says the company had carried out unauthorised works which affected the drainage system, without informing it about the works.

PUB intends to take action against Sato Kogyo, and today’s latest flooding might impact the severity of PUB’s punishment.

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