VIDEO: African “Tourist” Condemned for “Come Singapore 2 Days Only then Drive Uber”


This African PHV driver in Singapore was had a really bumpy ride – and it wasn’t only because he was lost!

The Uber driver was apparently driving the wrong way when he was given an even harder time by a passenger who demanded to know why he was a PHV driver and how long he had been living in Singapore.

The African PHV driver was told by the passenger (a Singaporean when you hear that Singlish accent)  to “show me your PR” when he said that he was 60 years old and didn’t need to show him anything.

Passenger: You from Africa right?
African PHV Driver: Doesn’t matter
P: You came here for how long 1 week or 2 week
A: People come here from china, people come here from malaysia, from indonesia, from sri lanka, anybody can come here.

When the African PHV driver said that Singapore roads are difficult and people can make mistakes, he was again questioned on how long he had been living in Singapore

P: Why you come singapore to drive Uber?
A: I didn’t come here to driver Uber. I set up 2 companies here and i am retired. I retired at 55

That’s when the passenger, who seems to be frustrated that he was going the wrong way and not getting straight answers, told the African PHV driver:

“You keep going the direction and you say you come singapore for so long. You just come for 2 days only I think…”

To which the African Uber driver, in a resigned manner and as though he wanted to be left in peace to find the right route, just replied him:

“Okay I came yesterday.”

The video was shared by Cheyenne Cherokee Sioux aka Rave Lim, who said:

“Nigerian tourist lands in Singapore and drives Uber the next day !!!!!!!”

The sentiments were echoed by former National Solidarity Party chief Lim Tean, who said:

“Is this the new normal in our country where we hang up ” Welcome ” signs to foreigners to find work ? It’s outrageous and sad what things have descended to . One can understand why the German voters voted the way they did last Sunday.”

Netizens disgruntled at African PHV driver’s “stealing Singaporeans’ lunch” antics even went vigilante on the African PHV driver, uploading his personal details online.

It’s unclear whether it was really the African PHV driver’s 2nd day in Singapore, or he was just damn sian.

He could be talking cock too about having started 2 businesses here and driving Uber because he’s retired.

But what’s pretty certain is it’s impossible to clock over 2000 trips in 2 days.

Tio boh, Uber drivers?



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