[VIDEO] Ang Moh Launches Violent Attack on Taxi Uncle over Pick-Up Point Squabble

An ang moh was caught on camera attacking a taxi driver over a pick-up squabble at One Raffles Quay.

It appears that the ang moh had booked a private-hire car, a silve Mistubishi, to pick him up.

The car had stopped awkwardly in the middle of the lane at the pick-up point meant for taxis.

The trouble started when a Silvercab taxi drove into the pick-up point.

The taxi driver signalled his displeasure by sounding his horn several times at the private-car hire driver, which riled up the ang moh.

It’s unclear whether he was drunk or simply needed anger management classes, but the ang moh suddenly lashed out at the taxi uncle.

He tried to forcefully open the door to the taxi, then provocatively challenged the taxi uncle to a fight.

He then clashed with the taxi uncle and was seen punching him.

The driver who recorded this video, Jackson Tay, was among some passers-by who tried to stop the commotion, but they found it difficult containing the raging ang moh.

The incident too place on Friday (1o Feb) at close to 8pm.

Another ang moh subsequently managed to pull the raging ang moh to a corner and pacify him.

By that time, the private-hire car driver had already said “f*ck this sh*t” and drove off.

The taxi driver was last seen waiting at the taxi stand for another pick-up as his passenger had alighted.


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