[VIDEO] Ang Mohs Save Taxi Uncle from Foreign Road Bullies Who Attack His Cab

In a New Year’s Day clash, two supposed foreigners who were angry at a taxi uncle turned violent and acted out their aggression.

Upset that they were rejected from boarding the taxi, they circled the cab in a threatening manner, with one of them taking pictures of the taxi uncle, and even punching and kicking the taxi.

A scared and frustrated angry uncle could only record their actions from inside of a locked taxi, as seen in this video.

The incident happened at a taxi stand in front of Orchard Towers at about 8am.

The taxi uncle had been waiting there to pick up a female customer, Miss “Penny”, who had made a prior booking.

That’s the reason he turned away the two men who insisted on boarding the taxi.

The female customer naturally got a rude shock when she tried to board the taxi, only to find the fracas taking place.

She explained to the men that she had booked the taxi, though they didn’t seem to understand her.

Fortunately a burly ang moh chap (who looks like he could hantam a bear and win) also stepped in to have a word with them.

Said the taxi driver’s son:

“These foreigners trying to take my dad’s taxi, however he’s on call, waiting for his passenger, therefore cannot accept them. They took photo of my dad, he then take video of them, that guy also started taking video and then kick his taxi. Such bad behaviour, duno which country they came from. After awhile, two angmo came to ask the situation, they are very kind. My dad called the police but duno why it took them so long to arrive. He have no choice but to ask his passenger to take another taxi while waiting for the police to come.”

The taxi driver escaped the incident unharmed.

But what a lousy start to 2016!


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