[VIDEO] Angry Ang Moh Suka Suka Cross the Road, Aggressively Confronts Driver who Stopped for Him


This angry ang moh dad flew into a rage while crossing the road, supposedly because of a look of disapproval from a driver.

The incident took place on Saturday (19 Aug) along St Thomas Walk at about 6.45pm.

The driver spotted Angry Ang Moh Dad suddenly motioning to cross the road and stopped his car.

He then stopped his car, then shook his head at Angry Ang Moh Dad’s road-sense and gave him a disapproving look.

That’s when Angry Ang Moh Dad flew into a rage.

He confronted the driver aggressively and pointed to his baby while appearing to be hurling vulgarities at the driver.

Angry Ang Moh Dad then shouted for his wife, who was pushing a baby stroller and had another child in tow, to cross the road.

redwire singapore jaywalking ang moh 2
According to the Road Traffic Act, pedestrians who are not crossing at a pedestrian crossing are supposed to allow traffic to pass first before crossing the road, so as not to interfere with the traffic flow.

They are to cross the road at pedestrian crossings if they are within 50m of a crossing.




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