[VIDEO] Failed Musician Sun Ho Ordained as Pastor, City Harvest Hails New Leader!

Failed musician and wife of wayward City Harvest church founder, Kong Hee, had been officially ordained.

The star of dirty dancing music videos like China Wine, who was at the heart of the City Harvest fraud scandal, is expected to lead the church’s next generation of leaders.

In a ceremony over the weekend, Kong Hee, who’s now out on bail while awaiting sentencing for fraud, gave his wife his most precious bible, and essentially said “nah, now your turn to take over.”


For those who prefer the long story, here’s what he actually said:

“40 years ago, I became a believer. This is the first bible I owned. And in every ordination normally the ordaining pastor gives a bible. Let this be a symbol of the authority I am handing to you. Sun, this is my bible, it is now in your hands.”

Kong Hee and his Gang of Frauds were convicted for criminal breach of trust and falsifying accounts to the tune of S$50 million.

They misappropriated funds meant to build the church, squandered it on promoting Sun Ho(peless), and misappropriated even more cash to hide their dirty deeds.

All of them are now out on bail pending sentencing.

Meting out his verdict, Judge See Kee Oon, in sum, called Sun Ho a mediocre musician whom nobody in the right mind would expect to become a superstar.

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