[VIDEO] Feisty Chio Bu and Gang of Men Attack Auto Workshop Mechanics


A heated argument at an auto workshop in Jurong turned violent.

The cause of the fight is uncertain, though reports say it was due to a dispute over parking – someone had parked and blocked the car of another driver.

Hokkien vulgarities were hurled and punches were traded.


The highlight of the fight?

This feisty young lady who used umbrella then heels to attack mechanics at the workshop!

You can hear her screaming in the video while hitting a mechanic, “You think I am scared of you… This is Singapore okay! What the **** are you saying?”


According to her social media profile, she works as an insurance provider.


The incident took place at Fix It Auto, a car workshop located at Soon Lee Street.

Online, Malaysians have rallied behind the mechanics, who are believed to be from Malaysia.

Many have criticised Singaporeans for their “King of the Road” attitude, and for bullying those weaker than them.

Others have struck back, saying that it’s already not easy to travel to a foreign land to work and these workers shouldn’t be bullied.


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