[VIDEO] Fist Fight Almost Breaks Out in Punggol over “Lift Hogging”


A simple matter of taking the lift proved too much for an elderly couple and a young couple to undertake together.

At about 10pm last night, they almost came to blows due to a “lift hogging” incident.

A couple in their 50s had entered the lift at Block 310C, headed for their son’s home to deliver a cot for in celebration of the birth of their grandson.

However, it seems they were too slow for comfort when closing the lift door.

The young couple who happened to be in the lift at the same time and weren’t too pleased about the dilly-dallying.

Commenting on the actions of the elderly man, Kelvin Sen, who shared this video, said:

“There were few people wanting to take the lift but he ignored their existence and continued to hold on to the lift button. Ok, he finally released the button, next his face started to turn black and started to spout lots of nonsense which no one wanted to focus on what he was spouting.

When the lift reached his floor, he grabbed my friend’s right hand and pulled him out of the lift. My friend tried to pull himself back away from the old lift hogger. The lift hogger grabbed was so tight that my friend couldn’t free himself. The old lift hogger then punched him on his right cheek. When my friends confronted the old lift hogger, he threatened to hit them again. His thunderous shouts alerted his son.”

Kelvin also accused the elderly man’s son of molesting his partner:

“Then his weakling son came so his “rescue”, by targeting a woman, stood in a very close proximity, till his lower part of body touched her. She stepped backwards, but the son kept inching forward. The old lift hogger quickly tell his son to run away and created his sympathy story using his age. Then he threatened to hit them again.”

That’s when the filming started, with each couple whipping out their handphones and recording the other.

Police were called to scene to deal with the incident.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Candy

    July 10, 2016 at 7:18 pm

    I’m e family member of the victims of e elderly which e young couple accused my father n bro.. y u dare to post e video & dont dare to cum out face to us??? Y mute all e voice of the video?? U dare to follow my father out of e lift & wanted to punch him 1st.. he defended ur fist n u nt happie?? N u accused he beat u 1st.. n u even accused my bro molset ur so call wife.. u r so shameless.. pls wake up ur idea asshole.. i feel poor thing for ur family.. throw their face..

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