[VIDEO] Foreign Motorcyclist Hit by Bus Pleads for Help to “Call My Boss, Tell Her I’ll Be Late”


Instead of trying to get an MC, this Malaysian motorcyclist who got hit by a bus pleaded for the man helping him to call his boss first and inform her he’ll be late for work!

The incident took place on Monday (5 Mar) along the PIE towards Tuas, after Stevens Road.

Fellow motorcyclist Razali Raihayu discovered the 35-year-old fallen biker and stopped to give him first aid.

As Razali tended to him, the man whipped out a handphone and dialled a number on it, then passed the phone to him.

Said Razali:

“His first words to me, ‘Bang, please help me to call my boss, tell her I will be late’. Looking at him, I was like, ‘Bro, you are going to be late for few months!’”

Razali has shared this tale to encourage others to take up First Aid and lend a hand when they see someone in need instead of just stopping to snap photos.


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