[VIDEO] Half-Naked Ah Beng Whacks Woman but Police “Do Nothing Only Talk”

An indignant taxi driver has criticised police for “doing nothing only talk” after a woman was attacked by a
half-naked Ah Beng.

Said Rui Han, who shared this video:

“Just happened in front of st james!Singapore ah beng whack club girl hahaha then police come do nothing but only talk in the end ah beng/gang take taxi go home happily. This is Singapore police *laugh my ass*”

Some have criticised the police for not arresting the rowdy man, but others in support of the cops say that since they didn’t see the woman getting hit it’s not right for them to make any arrest.

The latter group’s stance appears to be more in tune with the law, in which police can only effect an arrest for Voluntary Causing Hurt if they witness the incident.

If not, the victim will have to lodge a police report to kick start further investigations.


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