[VIDEO] ITE Insult Leads to Temasek Poly Lecture Theatre Brawl

The brawl between 3 first-year Temasek Polytechnic students on Wednesday (18 Apr) apparently broke out because of an insulting remark about ITE (Institute of Technical Education, or ‘Its’ The End’ to some more atas Singaporeans).

A student who was in the lecture theatre reported that “Bumblebee”, the student with blond hair, had arrived late for class.

He was then chided by a schoolmate (the one wearing a black shirt), who allegedly said that even if “Bumblebee” had come from ITE, he should have disrespected the lecturer by coming late for class.

That’s when the insults came fast and furious.

Another student (the one in the red tank top) reportedly added fuel to the fire by insulting “Bumblebee” about his ITE roots too, and blows were traded between the two.

Later on, “Bumblebee” takes off his shirt and tells the lecturer:

“He (student in black shirt) disgraced me (for) being from ITE. I feel hurt. And this guy strangles me and can get away with it, what kind of school is this?”


However, it appears that “Bumblebee” has been constantly coming late for class and interrupting lessons.

In an 18-minute video clip of the brawl that has since gone viral, he can be heard insulting a female lecturer.

Temasek Polytechnic says that it is investigating the incident and that “all three students have been instructed to make themselves available to assist with the investigation”.

The school said that it will take appropriate disciplinary action where necessary.



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