[VIDEO] Malay Girls Involved in Hair-Pulling, Bra-Exposing Cat-Fight become Overnight Internet Sensation


Two Malay girls who got involved in a vulgarity-fuelled catfight have become an overnight internet sensation.

This, after 2 videos were shared online showing their, erm, sparring skills.

The catfight, that involved hair-pulling, shirt-tugging and bra-exposing moves, was just as entertaining as the dialogue accompanying it.

This is the first video, with translation below.


White Lady: Ok, let’s get this fight started.

Black Lady: Your mother’s vagina, why you run away?

White Lady: What do you mean by I’m running away?

Camera Lady: This hair-pulling is damn lame.

Black Lady: Your mother’s vagina. You think hair-pulling is weak?

White Lady: Your standard like that only ah?

The two “pugilists” then stopped for a while to catch their breath, before resuming the catfight.

This second video, where the dialogue is as incoherent as the catfight itself, should be watched for entertainment purposes and not for savouring of any intellectual discourse.

The videos, shared by Danny Ahmad, have been shared close to 800 times so far.

And till now, the reason for the cat-fight remains shrouded in mystery.

Wah lau eh!

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