[VIDEO] Netflix Gets Yishun Known Internationally as Siao Lang Town

Cat killings, human killings, sanitary pad wars – these are just some of the incidents which have emerged form Singapore’s housing estate du jour, Yishun.

So much so, that multi-national video on-demand company Netflix has made it the subject of a horror film.

Netflix shared on social media a 22-second video clip yesterday showing the entrance of Yishun MRT Station is pictured as an eerie place very much like the “Upside Down” parallel universe in the Netflix series, “Stranger Things”.

It included a caption on post that reads: “Is #Yishun cursed, simply unlucky, or struck by something stranger? We’ll leave you to decide…”

Well, at least some Yishun residents have seen the humour in the post, amongst other income-generation opportunities:

redwire singapore netflix yishun siao lang 3




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