[VIDEO] PHV Driver Hammered at Geylang over Staring Incident says He Struck First in “Self-Defence”


The fight that involved about 10 people at Geylang at around 3am on Thursday reportedly erupted over a prank that went wrong.

And, the private-hire car driver who was hammered by a group of angry men as seen in video footage of the incident says he kicked at them first in “self-defence”.


Mr Chen (the PHV driver spotting a white t-shirt), said he had been eating porridge with a group of friends when he happened to run into another group of Vietnamese friends, so he sat and chatted with them.

Mr Chen said that he noticed that there were 5-6 men seated at the table across from them, and one of the men was looking for his wallet.

The wallet had been hidden by the man’s friend as a prank.

Said Mr Chen:

“After his friend returned the wallet, the man threw it at us for no apparent reason. I looked at him, and he started hurling vulgarities at me.”

Mr Chen said the man then challenged him, saying in Hokkien “What are you looking at? Not happy then go outside settle.”

Mr Chen said he got up to leave to prevent a fight.

But three of the men (led by the man in black), followed him, and that’s when Mr Chen kicked him.

Said Mr Chen:

“To protect myself, I kicked him.”

That’s when the 3 men set on Mr Chen, punching him until he collapsed on the ground, then stomping on him and kicking him in the head.

Mr Chen was later sent to Singapore General Hospital for treatment.

He suffered a 10cm-long wound on his skull from the attack.

Police have arrested a 22-year-old man for using threatening words and criminal force against public servants.

Investigations are ongoing.



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