[VIDEO] PHV Driver Stops Car in the Middle of the Road to Scream at Driver who Horned at Him for Driving Recklessly


This Private-Hire Vehicle driver was caught driving recklessly, then stopping his car in the middle of the road to confront a driver who horned at him.

The incident took place this morning at a little after midnight.

The driver, 28-year-old Lin Jun Wei, saw the PHV driver inching into his lane without signalling and blasted his horn at him.


The PHV driver backed off, but subsequently overtook Lin’s car, stopped in front of him and got out of his car.

He then walked aggressively towards Lin’s car, and the 2 drivers got into a Hokkien-fueled dispute, which went like this:

Lin: “You don’t know how to use your signal ah?”

PHV Driver: “You cannot see ah? KNNB your mother **** **** **”

Needless to say, the comments about Lin’s mother weren’t too polite.


Lin then entered a carpark and the PHV driver backed off while shouting more vulgarities at him.

Just over the weekend, a taxi uncle and another driver got into a squabble over a “misinterpreted” middle finger gesture which saw the driver being sent to hospital!



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