[VIDEO] PMD Rider Films How Cars Refuse to Give Way to Him at Zebra Crossing

For all the flak that e-scooter, e-bicycle and e-hoverboard (okay lah that last one we made up) have received so far, this personal mobility device rider decided to go out yesterday and show just how reckless car drivers are when faced with riders like him.

In this video uploaded by Cervello Tres, 4 cars can be seen acknowledging his waiting to cross at a zebra crossing – seeing how they slowed down initially – but simply drove ahead as though he didn’t have the right to cross because he was on a PMD.

Said Cervellos Tres:

“Sometimes, I Don’t Blame PMD Riders. Right Of Way Also Not Given. We Stick To The Pavements, Yet We Get This.”

By right, this is what car-drivers should be doing:

redwire singapore pmd at zebra crossing 2
Or, as netizen Doc Yeap says:

“For safety sake, let’s be gracious and compassionate, ie. just give way to pedestrians, non-pedestrians and animals that need to cross from one side to the other.”



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