VIDEO: SMRT Staff Caught Eating in Train, Commuters Cow Beh SMRT Ownself Never Check Ownself


This SMRT staff who was caught on camera eating in a train carriage has become an overnight sensation.

The video of the staff was uploaded online last night by Stephen Boy Francis and it’s already been shared over 2000 times.

The is believed to have been taken from a YouTube video that was uploaded in March 2015, which elicited a fraction of the response which Francis received.

Captioning the post, Francis said:

“Wow commuters kena fine for eating.. But this Smrt worker can eat like nothing happened.! Where’s the logic? Singapore better wake up lah..”



The “No Eating and Drinking” on the train rule was enacted in 1987 by parliament.

Those caught can be fined up to S$500.

In 2009, netizens were outraged when a woman was fined S$30 after she was caught eating a sweet in the train to relieve motion sickness.

This time, netizens are outraged partly because the SMRT staff didn’t follow the rules of the system of which he’s a part of.

And, partly because they don’t know whether SMRT has punished the staff, or will punish the staff.

And, other netizens are outraged at the outrage, and say that proliferating the video might cost the SMRT staff his job.

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