VIDEO: Taxi Uncle Complains “Last Time Young I Cheat People, Now They Cheat Me”

“I regret lah. I think this one ah, karma. Because last time ah, I also got zhao cab before. Zhao cab, zhao cab, now people zhao cab me back.”

Fare cheats are a result of karma, or something like that according to one disgruntled taxi uncle.

One passenger who bore the brunt of a taxi uncle’s lament decide to film it and the result is partly hilarious and partly sad.


The taxi uncle related his experience of being cheated by a young punk boyfriend-girlfriend duo who chalked up S$178.54 in cab fare.

They had told him to drive around while they proceeded to rubba rubba in the backseat of the taxi.

The taxi uncle said that when he stopped at Chua Chu Kang, the couple promised to pay him the S$178.54, then suddenly run road.

Taxi uncle said that he has 3 kids and a wife to feed.

Unfortunately, karma struck.



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