[VIDEO] Toyota Sienta Driver Shows You the True Meaning of “My Grandfather’s Road”


If you ever wondered what it means to drive like the road belongs to your grandfather, then watch this.

The driver of the green Toyota Sienta, obviously giving zero f***s about traffic regulations, was caught on camera moving her car across the pedestrian crossing to cut from the extreme left lane to the extreme right lane of the 4-lane road.

At least she bothered to signal, right?


The incident took place yesterday at about 2pm.

Said video uploader Jerome Wong:

“Focus on the lime green Sienta on the extreme left lane. Perform a surprised manovouer while waiting at a red light junction. Give this auntie a boo boo.”

The video has since seen close over 2800 shares on Facebook.

We would give this aunty a Tiger… if she wasn’t already high on something else.



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