[VIDEO] Two Taxis Crash after Both Die Die Don’t Give Way

An ego issue? A “my lane don’t anyhow cut” entitlement mentality? What exactly was on the minds of these 2 Transcab taxi drivers when they got into this inevitable collision?

The driver of the Transcab sedan can be seen inching his way into the middle lane, only to see his attempts constantly thwarted by the other Transcab SUV which refuses to give way.

It’s later seen in the video that the right lane is blocked by traffic cones, which explains why the Transcab sedan driver wants to change lane.

<Courtesy: XiaoHong/Roads.sg>

Still, it’s a mystery why the Transcab SUV driver wouldn’t budge, and the Transcab sedan driber couldn’t wait for him to pass before changing lanes.

What’s for certain is Transcab administrative staff are going to receive two accident reports, courtesy of these taxi driver goondus who simply die die refused to give way!

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