[VIDEO] Uncle who Screamed at Airport Staff over “360 Baht Meal Voucher” Slammed for Disgracing Singapore


“This one how much? One bowl of mee how much? $360? How to pay?”

This exasperated uncle who scolded a Thai airport staff because he wasn’t happy with a 250 baht meal voucher has been widely condemned for disgracing Singaporeans while overseas.

The incident took place on yesterday (29 Nov), and the uncle was one of many passengers who were stranded at Suvarnabhumi airport after Jetstar flight 3K514 was delayed.

Despite the airport staff telling him to calm down, the angry uncle continued to swing his arms in wild “dabbing” fashion and vent his anger on her.

Stranded passengers were given overnight accommodation at an inn, and a 250 baht (S$10) meal voucher.

But this angry uncle was angry that the meal voucher couldn’t cover the cost of a bowl of mee – 360 baht (S$15).

Singaporeans, it appears, were united in their condemnation of the uncle’s behaviour.


At the end of the day, all affected passengers made it back to Singapore safely – after a close to 24-hour delay!


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