[VIDEO] Woman Refuses to use Overhead Bridge to Cross Busy Road, Gets Hit by Van

AMANDA TOH: Today, at 6.29pm at Balestier Road, a crazy woman parked her car (SJF6915X) at the bus stop and ran across 3 busy lanes out of the blue (despite the fact that there’s an overhead bridge + metal barricade means she can’t possibly reach the other side of the road). I nearly banged into her but luckily I stopped in time. She wasn’t so lucky when she reached the first lane and a van knocked onto her. And crazy woman held up the traffic and insisted that the van stop at a side to entertain her. Errrrr..

1) u aren’t suppose to park your car at the bus stop
2) U aren’t suppose to jaywalk. There is an overhead bridge, woman.
3) u expect that the van driver to see u?! His van is taller than u, of cuz cannot see u except from a distance! And kick a fuss when he didn’t and knocked onto u?!


I’m posting this video because in case the woman claims liability from the poor driver and causes him to lose his job, there’s evidence that she’s really the one at fault. I have no sympathy towards her at all. And I don’t see any sense in her crossing these busy roads whereby it wouldn’t lead to anywhere.


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